COLLE21 Cyanocrylate - COL21

COLLE21 Cyanocrylate - COL21

COLLE21 Cyanocrylate - COL21

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COLLE21 - Cyanocrilato colle21


COLLE21 - Cyanocrilato colle21 Super glue is a cyanoacrylate glue, multi-purpose, anaerobic. Ultra-adhesive and extremely strong grip: Colle21 cyanoacrylate dries in just 10/15 seconds, is resistant to a temperature of approximately 150 degrees Celsius (180 kg / cm2). Thanks to its nozzle tip, Colle21 is easy to use and apply without losing a drop. Colle21 can be used in your DIY, repair or construction work. - Ideal for use with leather, wood, ceramics, rubber, iron, metal and plastic (except PE, PP, PTFE) - 10-15 sec. Quick adjustment - Resistant to water, shock and vibration. The bottles are supplied with a nozzle applicator for micro drops. Colle21 MUST KEEP IN ROOM TEMPERATURE. Product safety: This article is subject to specific warnings and safety instructions. Caution: Use under adult supervision. Caution: contains aromas that can cause allergies. Caution: Use with protective equipment. Do not use on public roads.

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